Announcing Made in Italy week, sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency at Chicago collective

Jan 31, 2023 467

BY: John Russel Jones

It’s Made in Italy Week here at MR, sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), so be sure to check in with us every day as we indulge in the tasteful, beautiful, luxurious, and sensual world that is Italian fashion and menswear. We’ll catch up with Antonino Laspina, ITA’s Trade Commissioner; check out the latest must-see trends from the true “maestros” of Italian style and unveil ITA’s plans for next week’s Chicago Collective.

What makes Made in Italy so in demand for today’s luxury consumer? Consistency and innovation. We know that if we watch an old movie, like 1955’s “Summertime,” starring Katherine Hepburn and Rosanno Brazzi, even today we can retrace the characters’ steps through the canals of modern Venice. Yet we also see that Venice has become a hotbed of innovation, utilizing technology to both protect its rich history, culture, and heritage, as well as to manage increasing tourism.

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