Arezzo, Italy: Follow the Trail of Piero della Francesca

Apr 01, 2024 618

Arezzo is a town of about 100,000 people in Arezzo province, situated near the intersection of Tuscany with Umbria and the Marche. Early Renaissance painter, mathmatician and geometer Piero della Francesca's most beloved artwork is found here; the fresco cycle called "The Legend of the True Cross", a monumental work of the early Rennaisance, is found in the church of San Francesco.

Another famous person with ties to Arezzo was the 14th century poet Petrarca, who is said to have been born in a house on Via dell'Orto, except that the house you visit dates from the 17th century and was rebuilt after suffering major damage in the war. Don't worry, it's a free and interesting visit; the restored house is now the headquarters of the Accadémia Petrarca di Léttere, Arti e Scienze.

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