Art as emotional power: from Abbado's listening skills to Morricone's hermeneutic quest

Mar 09, 2022 238

BY: Simone Schiavinato

Poetry is more than the words making its verse, more than rhymes and assonances. It evokes entire worlds, paints feelings, creates sensations. It is, essentially, an expression of the soul, the way feelings communicate, a form of sharing. Poetry must give voice to our emotions, help us see beyond the immediate, sublimate our life experience to leave a trace of it.

The work of musical notes, the power of music, is not that different: it connects us with our soul and leads us to faraway worlds. It makes us dream, soothes the pain, expresses our energy, and changes our sensations. It creates emotional short-circuits. It is an instrument of expression and sharing, a transcendent and aesthetic experience, it is the voice of our thoughts and moods.

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