Assisi Embroidery: An Ancient Art Born And Revived By Female Hands

Dec 21, 2022 444

Italy has never been afraid of maximalism. One of the country’s defining values is a love of everyday beauty–something that is seen not as an elitist pursuit, but rather a feeling that everyone is entitled to. Of course, there’s wildly ornate architecture, breathtaking frescos and hand-carved sculptures, but beyond this grandness, Italy has always prioritised small marks of beauty and extravagance that bring joy to the otherwise purely functional.

Vividly hand-painted ceramics that brighten dinner tables. Distinctive, considered typography that sits above shop, cafe and bar doors. The hand-woven embroidery that elevates textiles, some to couture heights, others–like those which adorn napkins, pillow cases and table cloths–to make everyday moments a little more special. It’s this area of Italian craftsmanship that I am obsessed with–the quietly beautiful pieces that inject comfort and artistry into our daily lives.

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