Author Visit: Charles Taylor "The Carmen Porco Story: Journey Toward Justice"

Aug 05, 2019 343

The Carmen Porco Story: Journey Toward Justice biography provides a compelling and beautifully written account of Rev. Carmen Porco's life journey. It shows how he has used his housing ministry to help lift people out of poverty. Although Rev. Porco went through one of the country's finest seminary schools, he is not a traditional pastor by any means. He pastors to the residents who live in the low-income complexes he manages.

They are his housing ministry, not a church.Reverend Porco has transformed how low income public housing should be managed in this country. He believes that public housing complexes must do more for people in need than just offer shelter. These properties that are benefiting from government subsidies should provide a comprehensive array of social and educational services onsite so that poor people have the resources necessary to improve their lives, he says. 

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