Award-winning Andiamo! is chic and inviting

Nov 13, 2017 928

BY: T.m. Collins

While it is not that little out-of-the way place you recall in Trastevere (what is?!), Andiamo! is pretty darn close.  Billed as a “neighborhood trattoria,” it is indeed in a neighborhood of former residences converted to commercial buildings and offices directly east of the Railyard and Santa Fe station on the Roadrunner line.

Inside, through an outdoor patio and a glass-enclosed front porch available for fair weather dining, Andiamo! is subdued, modernist, chic, casual and inviting. (If there had been one minor issue in the past, it was with acoustics, which long ago were taken care of with elegant draperies and a bit of carpet over those lovely, and oh so resonant, hardwood floors.)

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