Banner readers’ favorite pizza: Joe Benny’s, a blend of tradition and creativity

May 01, 2023 500

BY: Jamyla Krempel

Word-of-mouth is working for Joe Benny’s Focacceria. On the day I visited, it was responsible for one Floridian stopping in for the first time on her sister and brother-in-law’s recommendation; a pair of O’s fans made their second trip after walking by one night and noticing a line wrapped around the corner; and Joe Benny’s customers formed a strong voting bloc which led to the restaurant’s victory in The Baltimore Banner’s Pizza Bracket.

So how does Joseph Gardella, chef and owner of Joe Benny’s, feel about beating out more than 30 area pizza spots? “Sometimes I feel like pizza contests are a little silly because everyone’s got their joint, right? It’s hard to say ‘best pizza,’” he said. Still, a win is a win. “Cool as shit. It really is.”

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