Beautiful Italian Villages You Can Reach By Train

Jun 14, 2018 289

BY: Silvia Donati

Italy’s borghi (hamlets) are one of the pleasures of Italian travel, where you can get a more authentic feel for life in the Bel Paese, places where traditions persist, life has a slower pace and history has been well preserved. Usually located in picturesque spots in the countryside or by the sea, perched on a hill or near the mountains, many Italian villages don’t necessarily require a car to be reached. Here are ten of our favorites, from north to south.

Vipiteno, South Tyrol

Colorful houses, medieval squares, historic buildings, shopping streets, all surrounded by mountains where to hike and bike: Vipiteno  makes for a perfect blend of culture and nature.

Orta San Giulio, Piedmont

Cars are banned in Orta San Giulio, and its small center of winding streets, historic buildings, wrought-iron balconies and arcades, is a pleasure to be explored on foot, especially for the views over Lake Orta, and the tiny island of San Giulio in the middle of the lake.

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