The best Panettone of the world 2021

Oct 13, 2021 218

The classic panettone by Roman chef Fabio Albanesi, the decorated one by Flavia Garreffa, the innovative panettone by Luca Porretto and finally the gluten free version by Sacromonte Srl. These are the winners of the third edition of the World Panettone Championship "The best Panettone of the world". The competition was organized by the International Federation of Confectionery, Ice Cream and Chocolate.

The best pastry chefs competed and an exceptional jury elected the best panettone in each category, the result was of the highest level. "We are happy with the results because we are sure that this competition can be for many the starting point or the confirmation of a path, but above all we are sure to transmit in the world through these competitions the art of pastry in the world", said Roberto Lestani, president of the International Federation of Pastry, Gelato and Chocolaterie and World Pastry Champion.

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