The best wine to drink this summer is a totally crushable Italian red. Really. Here's why

Jul 02, 2021 190

BY: Amelia Goe

Say hello to this summer’s wine MVP: G.D. Vajra’s Claré J.C. Langhe Nebbiolo 2020. I know what you’re thinking: You're suggesting a nebbiolo for the sweltering, triple-digit summer? You couldn't think of anything more refreshing than an Italian red? Do not worry. Just because this isn’t a white, rosé or orange wine doesn’t mean it isn’t beautifully thirst-quenching and crushable.

This nebbiolo, hailing from Piemonte, Italy, isn’t like other more mature bottles. This wine was harvested young, which means it’s light and crisp. Not to mention, it drinks beautifully when chilled (more on that later). So I promise, you’re not being led astray.  

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