Between Houston and Miami, Texas and Florida, Italy wine starts again in the U.S. (with Iem)

Feb 23, 2024 561

Despite some difficulties in 2023, the United States is by far the leading market for Italian wine. After a record 2022, at €1.86 billion, 8.3% over 2021, in the first 11 months of 2023, imports to the U.S. stopped at €1.6 billion (down 6% over the same period in 2022, Istat data analyzed by WineNews).

A negative figure, to be sure, but an improvement on previous months, waiting for the official 12-month balance, and largely due to the large inventories made in the past year by U.S. importers, which now are beginning to unlock, albeit in a scenario that will most likely see smaller and more frequent orders over time, as opposed to more massive orders diluted over several months as in the past, net of logistics limitations, of course.

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