Between pizza and gelato, one stretch of Mid-City is the most Italian place in New Orleans

Mar 15, 2019 239

There are two reasons why Venezia Restaurant rarely sells dessert. One is the size of the servings at this Creole-Italian classic. The other reason is its neighbor. Angelo Brocato Ice Cream & Confectionary, the city’s oldest gelato parlor and Italian bakery, is just four doors down the street, or about 80 eager steps away.

In the evening, the sidewalk between them is lit by their respective neon signs and busy with diners from Venezia shuttling over to Angelo Brocato, a pairing that’s become as intuitive as spaghetti and meatballs and tricolor spumoni. "You don't even think to do anything different," said Ryan Wise, while she and her husband, Oliver, ushered their three children along that familiar route. "It's just a natural."

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