Bi-annual Filitalia International Convention in Villanova, PA

Mar 06, 2023 551

BY: Kevin Flynn

Attention Everybody! On Sunday, April 30th, Filitalia International will be hosting our bi-annual Convention at the prestigious Overbrook Golf Club in Villanova, PA where we will elect the 2023-2025 Board of Directors for Filitalia International! Another historical moment as an international organization in our 47th year of promoting, preserving, and protecting the Italian language and culture with an incredible presence throughout the USA and Italy.

It's an all-day affair starting at 8:00 AM with keynote speakers and delicious Italian delicacies. We are holding interviews throughout the convention and live broadcasts as a chance for our leaders to talk directly to the people about the current state and future of our organization and the future of Italian culture and heritage throughout the world. There will be a press release and a media release before and after the convention.

Currently, we have a number of prominent members of the Italian community attending the event, such as Maria Liberati, a famous award-winning author and celebrity chef. With many big names attending the conference, we hope you will consider attending as well. We would love to have you there to participate with your platform and network to help create the awareness needed for these historical moments! If you aren't familiar with our organization please take some time to get caught up to speed from the link below. We will be providing constant updates on the upcoming convention. We are all very excited about this opportunity to strengthen connections within the Italian community!

SOURCE: Filitalia International

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