Biking on Lucca's walls

Sep 28, 2023 1095

BY: Madeline Jhawar

Lucca’s historic city walls form a 3-mile greenway loop that completely encircles the city, and the bike path stretches for the entire loop on top of these walls. You’re not balancing on a narrow wall, as many people first imagine; the walls are 40 feet high but they’re also almost 90 feet across.

The path is very wide (wide enough that it was once used as a racetrack), and since it’s also completely flat, shaded by trees, and full of great picnic spots (here are some tips on picnicking in Italy), I often recommend it as a great activity for anyone traveling in Italy with kids. (Keep in mind that the inner side of the wall is not fenced, so make sure kids stick to the bike path and don’t stray toward the edge.).

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