Birra Moretti Announces ‘What’s More Italian’ Summer Program

Aug 22, 2018 778

As summer heats up, Birra Moretti, Italy’s #1 selling beer* made in the traditional way since 1859, is finding its rightful place in the world of foodies. The brand’s ‘What’s More Italian’ summer program includes a partnership with former Check, Please! Host Cat De Orio and Barilla® Pasta Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni to encourage LDA+ consumers to enjoy Birra Moretti and Italian cuisine – two iconic Italian classics – with friends and family at home or at other social get-togethers this summer.

Together, Chef Cat and Chef Boni have created five recipes focused on lighter Italian fare, all made with Barilla® pasta selections, that will come to life throughout the summer as Chef Cat goes on-air to prepare each delicious dish at popular TV shows and online outlets including Chicago’s top morning show, The Jam, and culinary online hot spot, The Daily Dish. To kick off the partnership, Chef Cat hosted a one-of-a-kind dining event for select guests at Legacy Records – pairing Birra Moretti’s Le Regionali line, only available oversees, with some of the best dishes at NY’s newest hotspot.

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