Bologna on a Budget

Jul 11, 2019 242

Bologna has traditionally been the region in which many tourists, visitors and even locals venture through en route to Florence, Milan, Venice or Rome. Bologna is one of the great cities that is said to have not been affected, at least in the same way of course, by mass-tourism and mass-industrialization like the other counterpart cities mentioned. As a matter of fact, Bologna is really known for its great opportunity to experience a rich, rare and unique way of life. This great city holds some of Italy’s finest art and architecture.

It’s said of Bologna and the beautiful smaller cities within this larger one, that history has truly left its mark here. Some of the great history of Bologna doesn’t just start or stop with its famous pasta or cured meats, but also the oldest University in Europe. This old, historic University accounts for much of Bologna’s sights and fame; museums, churches and the active cultural scene of the city. One of the greatest experiences for the visitors to Bologna is to interact with the College students, it’s an unforgettable experience.

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