Bolzano: Blend of cultures in South Tyrol's enigmatic capital

Nov 25, 2023 602

BY: Özge Şengelen

In my previous article, I wrote about Innsbruck, the capital of North Tyrol, which we visited during last week's trip to the Tyrol Region. After World War I, the Tyrol Region was divided into North Tyrol (Austria) and South Tyrol (Italy). Although these regions are geographically similar, their capitals naturally differ as they are within different country borders.

Our visit to Bolzano was motivated by the fact that it offers an entirely different experience from the classic Italy seen in other regions. The road trip to Bolzano was accompanied by breathtaking scenery, including charming towns where we wished to stay for hours, lush green fields intersected by the Dolomite Mountains and encounters with cows and goats that made us feel like we were in a dream. 

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