Broward Center’s ‘A Bronx Tale’ a well-worn story, done well

Jun 13, 2019 819

BY: Rod Stafford Hagwood

The musical-comedy “A Bronx Tale” feels like a story you’ve been told before. True, the show’s creator Chazz Palminteri originated the material as a one-man show in 1989 and Robert De Niro turned it into a movie in 1993. But that’s not it.

This Broadway version, which debuted on the Great White Way in 2017, has a been-there-seen-that mist settled around the rambunctious production now in a two-week run in Fort Lauderdale. And yet, even though the trope of amusing characters in an ethnic neighborhood teaching a young buck valuable life lessons is a well-worn one, “A Bronx Tale” does it well.

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