Casa Italia republishes "Reconstructing Italians in Chicago" - must-read for Chicago IAs

Dec 25, 2020 425

BY: Dominic Candeloro

Dear Friends, We at the Casa Italia Library are very proud to announce the new updated republication of Reconstructing Italians in Chicago: Thirty Authors in Search of Roots and Branches." The 2011 edition sold out the original 1000 printed copy. Please order a copy or two and show your support for the work we do at the Casa Italia Library.

Thanks largely to the hard work of Jason Coleman and John Cavallone, we have republished "Reconstructing Italians in Chicago" through Amazon at a much lower price and with an ebook at an even lower price. All Italian American households in the Chicago area and all public and school libraries should own a copy. Buy 2 and donate one to your local library.

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