The Cheesemonger’s Shop owner to open Italian sandwich shop

Jun 07, 2024 140

The Cheesemonger’s Shop owner John Pistoresi is set to open Pesto’s La Panineria, a new Italian sandwich shop, in the former location of Viadolce Gelato, this June. The shop will offer fresh, ready-to-go sandwiches and paninis, pasta and antipasto sides, and an array of Italian drinks and snacks.  

Pesto’s will have a variety of spreads to customize the sandwich, such as a parmesan sauce, pistachio spread, or balsamic glaze. Many of the spreads will be from Pistoresi’s family recipes. “Most of them came from my Nonna, which is “grandma” in Italian. Her nickname was Pesto Mary, because she'd make pesto in little Gerber jars and pass them out throughout the neighborhood,” said Pistoresi.

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