Chef Carla Pellegrino: Keeping it simple, fresh, fruity and healthy for my guests

Aug 21, 2016 495

By Carla Pellegrino

It is that time of year again. Our friend is out and about enjoying his annual "escape the heat" trips to Italy and La Jolla, and we, friends and admirers, are having a ball guest writing for his column and expressing to the world how dear Robin Leach is to us. Thanks, handsome! I hope that you're having a blast and enjoying all the champagne wishes we are sending your way.

I had a great, unwinding first half of the year since I came back home in January from a two-year project in Florida. I've been getting back in touch with my home, business, customers, friends, staff and Las Vegas. I have been enjoying Las Vegas' dry heat and warm nights' breeze, which is unlikely to be found anywhere else. Gosh, I missed home!

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