Chef Franco Robazetti to Appear on ‘Chopped’

May 25, 2018 418

New Jersey’s own Franco Robazetti of Zeppelin Hall and Surf City (pictured above), in Jersey City, will appear on Chopped, on the Food Network. The episode premieres on Tuesday, May 29.

About the Show
Chopped is hosted by author, television personality, and food connoisseur, Ted Allen. In the show, four chefs use their skills to compete with each other to prepare a top meal. In each round they have to use ingredients that are provided by the show and the chefs are often called upon to utilize unlikely components in their dishes. As each course in the meal is judged for taste, presentation, and creativity, the last chef remaining is the winner and receives $10,000. Jersey Bites caught up with Franco Robazetti to find out about his experience on Chopped.

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