In Chester County, two longtime ‘paesanos’ are filling the airwaves with ‘Good News’

Aug 01, 2019 236

BY: Vinny Vella

Six years ago, as he broke bread at a “Paesano Dinner” with other like-minded Italian American men, Lou Beccaria struck up a conversation with Vince Melograna. Melograna, 74, is an advertising executive for West Chester’s WCHE 1520-AM with a long background in sales and marketing, but it was his turn to be sold something: an idea.

There’s too much negativity in mainstream media, Beccaria, also 74, explained, always stories of murder, death, and other tragedies. What about a show that focused solely on, as Beccaria put it, “good news?” The idea stuck, and the result was “Good News Chester County,” a grassroots, homegrown radio show produced around Melograna’s kitchen table, often to the faint soundtrack of his cats meowing to be released from the closet where they’re corralled away from guests.

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