In Chiavari, Liguria, a high school will be named after Italian American banker Amadeo Peter Giannini

Apr 19, 2024 1157

Amadeo Peter Giannini, founder of Bank of America originally from Favale di Malvaro municipality in the Tigullio hinterland, names a school in Chiavari. This morning the ribbon cutting ceremony. It is the institute of upper secondary education, a school created by the merger of the Caboto and In Memoria dei Morti per la Patria schools.

"It is an excitement that we have been waiting for since September 1, 2022, the date of the amalgamation," explained school principal Maria Antonia Anastasi. "The choice on Giannini's name was made by the students, and because of their enthusiasm and conviction we accepted the proposal.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was entrusted to the city authorities with Mayor Messuti and members of his council, provincial and regional, including provincial school director Alessandro Clavarino: "Moments like these are important because behind a new name there is an educational project that is inspired by the person who gives the school its name, and Giannini from this point of view was a very valuable choice."

The plaque logo was created by a fifth grade student, Federico Baroni of Sestri Levante, winner of a school competition. The naming of the school kicked off the three-day Giannini Economic Forum scheduled in Chiavari until Saturday and dedicated to the banker.

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