From Chicago to Cinisi to name yet another street he funded after his father: Paul Butera returns

May 11, 2024 266

Thanks to yet another grant that Italian-American businessman Paul Butera bestowed on the municipality of Cinisi (Sicily), the new road connecting the “Redemptoris Mater” church to SS 113 has finally been completed. The important roadway will be inaugurated in his presence on Saturday, May 11, at 11:30 a.m. and will be dedicated to the memory of the benefactor's father: Giovanni Butera.

Paul Butera will return especially from Chicago to take part in this important celebration, which will also serve to pay tribute to the memory of his father, who ran a pastry bar on Cinisi's main street for many years before emigrating to the United States with his family.

The cost of the work, entirely financed by Paul Butera's donation, was about 400,000 euros and included the arrangement of the bituminous surface, the construction of a sidewalk, parking area, sewerage system and LED lighting system, as well as the creation of horizontal and vertical signage.

Paul Butera left Cinisi when he was only 14 years old; in spite of himself, he had to follow the choice made by his parents, which in time, however, proved to be his good fortune. Now 81 years old, Paul Butera between Illinois and Wiscounsin has been and continues to be the owner of more' 120 supermarkets that continue to gross millions of billions of dollars annually. A wealth accumulated through his relentless tenacity, great intelligence but also enormous sacrifice. A wealth that has never made him forget his roots, nor his love for his countrymen with whom he has always been most generous. Every year he returns to the places where he was born and grew up, to meet his friend Giovanni Riccobono, revisits the Mother Church to pay homage to Santa Fara, the Benedictine palace headquarters of the Municipality of Cinisi also because memories of the school he attended within those very walls resurface in him. This year he returned to Carnival as well, having financed an amazing float dedicated precisely to the Cinisians of America.

The businessman in the American Midwest who has distinguished himself in the food distribution industry as well as in real estate, with this additional donation and the naming of the street after his father, reinforces the unbreakable bond with his homeland, leaving for posterity the mark of his roots.


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