Christopher Columbus, The Greatest Hero Of The Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries (As Revealed By The Primary Historical Sources): “The First Civil Rights Legislation Of The Americas”

Jan 13, 2021 156

BY: Richard Petrone

Many express surprise at the characterization of Christopher Columbus as the first civil rights activist of the Americas.  This may be expected, given the steady diet of falsehoods propagated by Columbus’s detractors, the sinister axis of cultural majoritarians who have fulfilled the promise of Marxist crusader Rudolf Dutschke of a “long march through the institutions” of the West, including academia and, now, state and local government. 

As a counterpoint to the New York Times’ toxic propaganda series known as the “1619 Project,” this serial exposé, which I call the “1492 Project,” seeks to untangle the twisted web of lies being fed to our children in our schools — now as early as grade school — and resulting in the razing of statues and other monuments dedicated to Christopher Columbus, the first civil rights activist of the Americas.

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