Ci Siamo’s wood-fired Italian cooking overcomes its generic new-development setting.

Dec 21, 2021 309

BY: Adam Platt

You really need a road map to find this place,” muttered someone at our table after making the long trek to the latest Danny Meyer venture, Ci Siamo — a journey that begins on some nameless sidewalk in midtown. (Pro tip: If your Uber driver attempts to career into the Lincoln Tunnel toward New Jersey, start yelling.)

From there, you ascend to a featureless spot called Manhattan West Plaza in the back end of what may be Hudson Yards, complete with its own freshly minted Whole Foods. When you get to the entrance, there are several more darkened staircases to climb before you arrive, at long last, in a serpentine dining room that features many of the famous Meyer touches — a long bar designed for eating as well as drinking; comfortable, if slightly generic, décor (“Westchester Italian” is how one wag put it); and the usual bevy of eagerly smiling servers and hosts (you can tell by the brightly shining eyes over their firmly in-place face masks).

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