Clarissa Burt becomes honorary member of Capitolo di Roma of the Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America

Mar 03, 2020 468

BY: Carmelo Cutuli

Starting today, Clarissa Burt is honorary member of the Capitolo di Roma of OSDIA, the oldest organization in the United States in support of the American population of Italian descent, founded in 1905 by Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro. Sicilian doctor who emigrated to the USA.

We all remember her, beautiful, American model and actress naturalized Italian, she lived in Italy for many years. Today she returned to the United States, to Phoenix in Arizona, where she began her career as an entrepreneur launching very successful initiatives.

The OSDIA, founded in 1905 by Sicilian doctor Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro, in New York, today has 600,000 members, Italian-Americans in the United States and Canada. Among Italian-American organizations, the OSDIA is the one that most represents the more than 26 million Italian-American citizens in the United States.

The Certificate of Honourary Member was presented to Mrs. Burt by the Founding President of Capitolo di Roma of OSDIA, Carmelo Cutuli, in the presence of the Trustee, Paolo Quattrocchi, and the Secretary, Claudio Frasca.

Clarissa Burt is an actress, producer, director, author and top model, internationally recognized and much loved by the Italian public. Today a successful startupper, among her many initiatives, has recently launched "In the Limelight Media", an online multimedia portal that provides multimedia content of interest to entrepreneurs.

Distinguished in the social sphere, Clarissa Burt was ambassador to the United States for the "Walking Africa" campaign, attended numerous private audiences of Pope John Paul II and was the first American to present a live Russian television broadcast at the Kremlin. She recently received the Woman of Excellence Award from the Women's Economic Forum.

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