Collaborating with the University of Bologna: The European Project GENPOP. “Genes, genealogies, and the evolution of demographic change and social inequality”

Jul 07, 2021 616

BY: Suzanne E. Greco

Italian Parish Records is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Professor Nicola Barban of Demography at Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna. Dr. Barban is the Principal Investigator of the European Project GENPOP. “Genes, Genealogies, and the Evolution of Demographic Change and Social Inequality.” This Big Data for Investigating Processes is commissioned by the European 1 Research Council (ERC).

Project Description: “Demographic change and inequality mark modern society, making the understanding of demographic processes and the planning of effective policies essential. As demographic processes evolve slowly across generations, the combination of historical with current data can help in understanding the process of population evolution. The EU-funded GENPOP project will investigate long-term demographic processes in family networks by using existing data on internet-based genealogies. It will use innovative Big Data and micro-census data to examine fertility and mortality in family networks and diversity between and within families across generations to understand the impact.”

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Dr. Barban is the first investigator to initiate this kind of comprehensive study. “Existing research has focused on recent factors to explain contemporaneous population trends, and in doing so has missed
the long-view of demographic changes.” Professor Nicola Barban will address this need by using newly available data on internet-based genealogies, micro-census data, and genetics, to investigate
long-term population processes in family networks.

1. First, Dr. Barban will develop a new theoretical model for transmission of differential fertility and mortality in family networks.
2. Second, Professor Barban will examine diversity between and within families and its persistence across generations.
3. Third, he will use innovative Big Data from genealogy social networks and micro-census data to understand the long-term effect of migration on multiple generations.
4. Fourth, he will describe the long-term patterns of assortative mating combining data from genetics and genealogy.

Dr. Barban’s project will “focus on the historical period from approximately 1800 until now in Europe and the United States, a period of dramatic demographic and epidemiological changes that radically transformed our societies. This transdisciplinary project will overturn established links and deliver major breakthroughs in our understanding of demographic change. This project is not only groundbreaking by setting a new research agenda, but due to the inclusion of genealogy data and their linkage with micro-census data, will yield major innovations in social sciences.”

Awarded € 1 985 705,98 ($1,985,705.98) by the European Research Council at the latest Consolidator Grant competition, Dr. Barban is one of 300 top scientists and scholars from across Europe chosen to receive such an award. “Funding for these researchers, part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, is worth in total €600 million.”

Project Details: GENPOP Grant ID 865356 

Obviously, this is no small undertaking. So are you wondering how Italian Parish Records will contribute to this ambitious project? Thanks to our dedicated loyal indexers who have dedicated endless hours transcribing names, dates, and crucial information from both civil and parish records, IPR will provide comprehensive databases (nati, matrimoni, and morti). We recognize that years of devoted research have made these indexes possible, which combined create a vast data set for both academic and genealogical researchers. Hats off to all of our indexers for making this possible!

As doors continue to open for online record accessibility for both Italian civil and parish records, this historical data will significantly impact researchers in more ways than we have yet imagined.

SOURCE: Italian Parish Records

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