Columbus Citizens Foundation: The Benefits of Your Support

May 01, 2024 965

Among the many philanthropic endeavors CCF has undertaken throughout the years, one we have taken particular pride in is responding to emergencies in Italy, from earthquakes to COVID. Last year, the region of Emilia Romagna was devastated by severe flooding, with the city of Faenza facing heavy damages.

Thanks to the efforts of Cay. Giuliana Ridolfi and funds contributed by CCF Members at a regional dinner hosted last year in 2023, the grand complex of the Salesiani Priests is being successfully restored and a local playground has been revived, much to the appreciation of the Faenza children.

CCF thanks Cay. Giuliana Ridolfi for her expertise on charities in Italy and providing first hand news of the benefits of our support, and our members for making this restoration possible.

SOURCE: Columbus Citizens Foundation

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