Columbus Day holiday renaming hangs in balance, awaits response from Mayor Young

Oct 11, 2020 636

BY: Mikenzie Frost

Monday marks the federally recognized Columbus Day holiday but in Baltimore City, it’s unclear what the holiday will be called this year, despite City Council approving a name change. As of Friday, Oct. 9, Mayor Jack Young had not signed the bill. If he doesn’t act over the weekend, Monday will be dubbed Columbus Day in Baltimore City. For a group of Italian-American community, not renaming the holiday is preferred.

“[I’m here] to urge Brandon Scott and the Baltimore City Council, and places around the country and all of America, to stand with what it means to be American,” Tim Fazenbaker said, founder of Free and Fair Election. “The exploration of lands for freedom for people, for religious freedom. Brandon Scott, I am Baltimore. Do you represent me? Not with what you’re pushing.”

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