Com.It.Es.~Houston Closes Fiscal Year with Charitable Donations

Feb 01, 2020 577

Com.It.Es.~Houston has concluded its operations for the last fiscal year with several charitable donations to organizations which continue to advance the Italian language and culture in their communities. 

Concorso Letterario 2019-2020 received $1732.  The Concorso, established in 2011, will be held this year for the first time under the auspices of the University of Houston in partnership with Rice University and the Italian Cultural & Community Center. Since its inception, the Concorso has been made possible thanks to the support of the Com.It.Es.~Houston which has annually sponsored the event.

The Italian program at Bellaire High School (Houston, TX) has received $600 in support of their cultural exchange program.  In the past year, several students went to Calabria to participate as exchange students with the Liceo Bernardino Telesio.  The funds donated for 2020 will serve to allow for subsidies and scholarships so that students without financial means can participate in the exchange program.

The Italian program at Westchester Academy (Houston, TX) received $600.

Hargrave High School’s Italian program (Huffman, TX) received $600.  In the past year, Hargrave’s program has successfully worked to double the number of students enrolled in Italian language courses.

The Italian Cultural & Community Center was awarded $600 in support of their work promoting awareness of the Italian language and culture.

The funds were accrued via personal donations by the members of Com.It.Es.~Houston and monies raised at various Com.It.Es.~Houston charitable fundraisers.  Com.It.Es.~Houston is proud to support these organizations’ work on behalf of Italian culture, language, and history.

SOURCE: Mary Ann Webster

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