Cooks' Exchange: Celebrating spring with Festa Italia

Jun 01, 2017 841

Many years ago, to celebrate the arrival of spring, Greenbush neighborhood Italians marched behind their Italian band to the state Capitol to also pay tribute to Victorio Emanuel III, the king of Italy from 1900 to 1946. They were humble people, dressed in their finest with little children in tow for a time in their lives to remember forever. Celebrations were a way of life for the Italian and Sicilian immigrants who waved small flags from their homeland with American flags as tears of pride filled their eyes and dampened their cheeks.

We are blessed to have such memories to share with others of the camaraderie and strength from the past. It is tucked away in our minds and hearts along with the difficult times the new Americans endured with an insurmountable innate pride. Thanks to the Italian Workmen’s Club at 914 Regent St., we continue to celebrate our heritage and culture during the first weekend in June when Festa Italia is held at McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg.

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