Corona D’Italia Lodge #807 Annual Mother-Daughter Scholarship Dinner

May 28, 2018 449

Corona D’Italia Lodge #807 held their annual Mother- Daughter Scholarship Dinner on May 2, at the Wolverine Restaurant. Attendees were registered by Treasurer, Louis Vitullo, and her member daughter, Patty Kuhn. Trustee, Pudue La Cava directed seating of all guests and members. Orator, Valerie Valentino presented each arrival with a bouquet of wood fiber roses.

Mistress of Ceremony, Mary Quintanilla, welcomed all and offered congratulations to all mothers, members and honored guests, the 2018 Corona D’Italia Memorial scholarship recipients. She recognized. President, Clemmy Sirimarco, who offered a prayerful and honorable invocation for all mothers, members, honorees and all military personnel.

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