‘Cougar Meets Italy’ in unique wine tasting event

Jan 13, 2018 925

BY: Kim Harris

A quiet peacefulness falls across the room as sommeliers make their way around the long tables adorned with snow-white table cloths. The bow tie-wearing sommeliers speak in hushed tones as they discuss the wines they pour for those in attendance who will ultimately pass judgement as to which blends of vino they like the best.

It sounds like a scene from a movie produced by Hollywood elite, but it’s not. It’s Cougar Meets Italy, the boutique winery’s signature event now in its third year of offering a true wine-tasting experience. Every year at the end of January, Cougar Vineyard & Winery pits their unique varietals against their Italian counterparts in a side-by-side, double-blind tasting event, one that is truly entertaining as professional judges swirl, sniff and spit out their samples, evaluating every aspect of the wines served.

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SOURCE: http://myvalleynews.com

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