Course of Professional Development for Teachers of Italian 2015

Apr 15, 2015 864

Study in Italy is happy to announce that the annual Course of Professional Development for Teachers of Italian, now in its 8th year, will be held in Genoa, Italy from June 29 to July 10, 2015.

The course is comprised of 50 hours of instruction: 40 hours of lesson (Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) and 10 hours in four afternoon hands-on workshops. In addition to techniques, strategies and pointers presented during morning lessons, participants have the opportunity to develop instruments that they will be able to implement in their courses back home.

Founder and director of the school Study in Italy, Suzanne Branciforte (Harvard B.A., UCLA M.A. and Ph.D.) has been training teachers of Italian for 15 years. Author of the international best-selling textbook, Parliamo italiano!, 5th edition forthcoming from Wiley & Sons, she developed a communicative, culture-based approach which is the foundation of this course. Her philosophy is also the motto of Study in Italy: Ridendo s'impara! or, learn while you're laughing.

Branciforte's clear and direct approach to grammar helps instructors break down even the most complex points into easy, approachable bites that their students can master and assimilate without problems. This 2-week course offers the distinct advantage of honing one's professional skills on-site in Italy as participants update their understanding of Italian culture and language. Professor Lorenzo Coveri's fun and interesting lessons are a chance to learn current expressions and usage while deepening understanding of Italian linguistics. Laboratory hours focus on the use of multimedia tools, Internet and social networks in today's classroom. Request a complete brochure:

The city of Genoa is a particularly charming location, offering a wide variety of cultural events in summer months as well as proximity to some of Italy's most stunning coastline, the Italian Riviera. Excursions to local sites of interest are part of the 2-week program. The school is located in the heart of Genoa, a stone's throw from the UNESCO World Heritage Site palaces of Via Garibaldi. Study in Italy helps with all logistics, assisting participants to locate suitable lodging.

Contact us for more information about this special opportunity to study with the author of one of the most successful Italian language texts on the market. Consult our website for further information:

Teachers from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois and California as well as the UK and Italy have attended our course; if you would like comments or reviews from past participants just let us know – we would be happy to put you in contact!

Buon lavoro!!

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