Culatta makes its American debut

Mar 27, 2021 413

Made in the south of Parma from a boneless pork thigh, the same cut used for culatello is now available in the USA thanks to Tanara company. Italy offers many types of prosciutto, from different regions and also from several cuts of pork. Culatta is one of them, new to the American market, and made from a central, most tender part of the boneless thigh.

It’s the same cut as is used for the highly prized culatello except that for culatta, the rind is retained to insulate the silky, sweetly salted meat. It’s usually made in a small area south of Parma; culatello is made to the northeast. Rich and mouthwatering, sliced culatta is an especially savory take and an Italian charcuterie staple.

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