The culinary tradition of Procida

Jan 13, 2021 67

The tourist who arrived in Procida is welcomed by the picturesque landscape that the island offers visitors. The fishermen’s boats anchored to the pier, the houses colored with the colors of the rainbow that are reflected on the water are the elements of a suggestive landscape like those of a picture. Spending your holidays in Procida, however, does not only mean sea, beaches and landscapes, a distinctive feature of this place is its culinary tradition.

What to eat in a day in Procida?

On this island of sailors to start the day well you can accompany the coffee with one of the best desserts of the Campania tradition, that is the lingue alla procidana also called ox languages or mother-in-law languages. It is a cake made with several layers of puff piastry filled with lemon cream, made with the famous citrus fruits of the island. 

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