Daniela Puglielli, Accent PR and Mediterranean Diet Roundtable

Jun 12, 2018 555

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable is an inspirational and networking conference, where scientists and Food Industry leaders discuss dietary trends in America. An elite gathering, the MDR has attracted hundreds of professionals from all over the U.S. and the Mediterranean Countries.

Ready to roll its fourth edition: regarded as one of the most exclusive events in the Food Industry, the MDR will offer once again the possibility of tasting and learning about products distinctive of the Mediterranean Diet, while networking and getting inspired. The two half-day conferences will be held at the prestigious Yale University in New Haven on June 25-26. Total Food Service had an opportunity to speak with Daniela Puglielli of Accent PR, the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable organizer, to learn more about this exciting conference.

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SOURCE: https://totalfood.com

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