David and Rae Marietta will be 2022 LIFT Re and Regina

Jul 27, 2022 251

David and Rae Marietta will preside as Re and Regina over the 56th Little Italy Festival, held annually over Labor Day Weekend. The Mariettas will officially be crowned as the new 2022 Re and Regina at the Media Dinner on Saturday evening, Aug. 20, at the Wine Garden, when they will receive the crown and scepter from the 2021 Re and Regina, Matt and Kristi Zanandrea.

The Mariettas are lifelong residents of Vermillion County, and each have a strong connection to their Italian heritage. They began their married life in Hillsdale in 1985 when they married; and soon their beloved son, Mario, was born in 1986. Their home was built by Dave, and they have loved their home life, family, and traditions passed on by their ancestors.

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SOURCE: https://www.clintonian.org

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