A day to be thankful for the resolve of my ancestors

Nov 25, 2021 713

BY: Joe Pisani

A few weeks ago, I drove to St. Michael Cemetery in Stratford, where my grandparents are buried. I hadn’t visited them in years, so I figured All Souls Day was a perfect time to pay my respects and say a few prayers. The gravestone was worn and weathered, but their names were still legible. Angelina and Anthony, two Italian immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island when Italians weren’t especially welcome.

Like other immigrants, they came to the United States looking for opportunity but had a rough start in a new country during 10 years of the Great Depression. Later, their sons went off to war to fight for America and the rest of Western Civilization and did so without complaining.

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SOURCE: https://www.wiltonbulletin.com

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