A Decade of Lady Gaga - Looking back at Lady Gaga’s support of the LGBT community, from NYU to “Just Dance” to ‘Joanne.’

Apr 12, 2018 1036

Every night during the Monster Ball Tour, Lady Gaga would give a speech to the audience. “Tonight, I want you to forget all your insecurities,” she began during a version of the speech from performances at Madison Square Garden. “I want you to reject anyone or anything that’s ever made you feel like you don’t belong or don’t fit in […]you just remember that you’re a goddamn superstar and you were born this way!”

This was Gaga at the peak of her stardom, delivering a rallying cry of acceptance and empowerment that would become synonymous with her brand as a celebrity and as a gay icon. With Apr. 8 marking 10 years since the release of her first single, “Just Dance,” now is a good time to look at her dedication to advocacy and her impact.

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SOURCE: https://nyulocal.com/

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