A dedicated community keeps bocce rolling in Lockport

Jul 06, 2021 269

BY: Brandon M. Stickney

Bocce is the game that moves as you play. If you’re Italian and you live near or in Lockport, you know about bocce, a slow-moving sport similar to lawn bowling and curling. And you know Bill Rosenberg, president of the Short Street Bocce Club, who said today’s heavy hitters are Bob’s Barber Shop (men) and the Lake Ladies (women), not to be confused with the Leading Ladies.

These two teams are tearing up the bocce courts at the Short Street Bar, managed by the Chiappone family for nearly four years. “It’s traditionally been viewed as an Italian game,” Rosenberg said, “but it’s open to all people, of course. We have folks from 21 to 91 here, at all skill levels and people who travel from Niagara Falls and Cleveland who play in the leagues.”

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SOURCE: https://www.lockportjournal.com

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