Digital Nomads Innovate Italian Tourism

Apr 14, 2022 244


Have you ever found yourself in front of your office window staring at the birds and trees beyond the glass and fantasizing about how nice it would be to work out there? Maybe you are envying those freelance writers who can work behind a screen on a wonderful beach of the finest sand, or in a desolate chalet with the scent of pine among the highest peaks of the Dolomites. Those are the digital nomads.

Well, good news. Nowadays, digital nomadism and remote working are no more a luxury reserved only for crazy novelists, adventure columnists, or fancy bloggers. Together with the digitalization of the country, the phenomenon of decentralized co-working and teleworking is a wave that is upsetting the world of work. As a result, new opportunities are arising in the tourism sector, and some cities see digital nomads as a solution to depopulation.

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