Discovering Friuli's Prosciutto Crudo

Jul 21, 2021 196

BY: Giulia Ubaldi

Friuli’s best-known prosciutto crudo is arguably San Daniele, though it’s not the region’s only prosciutto of note. The cool air of the Julian Alps and the warm Adriatic air coupled with the mediation of the Tagliamento River results in a backdrop that provides ideal aging conditions for Italy's national ham. These Friuliano prosciutto crudo varieties are seasoned naturally, contain no additives, and are made exclusively with Italian pork, just as the specifications require.

The Consortium of Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele

The Protection Consortium of Proscuitto Crudo di San Daniele guarantees the consistency of product quality for all members. A group of producers with the aim of protecting and spreading the Prosciutti di San Daniele founded the consortium in 1961 to establish production rules. Today, 31 recognized producers are members along with slaughterers and breeders who belong to the production chain, just as the founders had wished.

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