Discovering The Traditional Food of Friuli and Where To Taste It

Jan 16, 2020 296

BY: Luciana Squadrilli

Friuli Venezia Giulia is mostly famous for its outstanding wines – especially the white ones; but do not neglect the red and the “orange” wines obtained with a prolonged maceration of must with grape skins – and for the delicious hams crafted in the whole region: from the exquisite San Daniele PDO dry-cured ham to the rare traditionally-smoked ham made in Cormons or Sauris.

Yet, the regional culinary heritage of this border area marking the limit between Italy and Slovenia and Austria, and once belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is much richer than this. From “underground” cheeses to rare vegetables and old folks’ recipes, travelling around the region gives the chance to taste unique flavors undergo peculiar food experiences.

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