DiVincenzo Receives Most Outstanding Player Award

Apr 06, 2018 585

BY: Nick France

Donte DiVincenzo is a man of many names. There’s “The Michael Jordan of Delaware,” which is a homage to his home state and his outstanding high school basketball career. There’s “The Big Ragu,” which draws inspiration from his signature red hair and Italian heritage. However, the newest addition to Donte’s various titles is “Most Outstanding Player.” His 31 point, five rebound, three assist, and two block performance in the national championship game led the Wildcats to victory, and he was awarded the Most Outstanding Player Award.

It is not very common for one player to dominate the Wildcats’ box score so much, as the team does such a great job of spreading the ball. However, nothing could stop the DiVincenzo Show on Monday night. DiVincenzo was the definition of a spark plug off the bench, as he made several electrifying plays to ignite the team. Whether it was nailing three pointers from the parking lot or blocking Charles Matthew’s dunk attempt in soul-crushing fashion, the Big Ragu did it all.

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SOURCE: http://www.villanovan.com/

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