Don’t skip the risotto at Raso’s in Medford

Jan 18, 2016 721

By Stephanie Schorow

WHO'S IN CHARGE Raso's Bar & Grille was launched in 2005 by lifelong Medford resident Richard Raso, who had previously run a canteen business and wanted to open a restaurant. He did, and largely built it himself. He just couldn't figure out what to call the place and ended up using his family name. With him from the beginning has been restaurant manager Peter Fuccione, and the chefs are brothers Thiago and Phillip Teixeira.

THE LOCALE After dark, this section of Mystic Avenue in Medford has the aura of an urban desert, with chock-a-block roofing and plumbing supply stores, car rentals, and check-cashing services. Interstate 93 runs nearby, humming with the stream of cars going elsewhere.

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