Drink coffee like an authenic Italiano!

Sep 20, 2019 169

Why do you want to go to Italia? For delicious food, for incredibly beautiful seas and mountains, for stunning history and culture, and extraordinary wines. Yes, these are all good reasons, but you are missing one very important component to Italian culture: coffee!


For every single Italian, coffee is not only a hot drink. Every morning begins with a cup (ceramic or glass) of strong espresso. The first waking moment of coffee is sacred.  “Let’s get a coffee!” is one of the most recurrent phrases you will hear. One of the most influential Italian artists, the Neapolitan theatre author, actor and director, Eduardo De Filippo once said, “Quando io morirò, tu portami il caffè, e vedrai che resuscito come Lazzaro,” which translate to: When I will be die, bring me some coffee and you will see that I will rise again like Lazarus.

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