The Eighth Annual Week of Italian Cuisine in the United States: A celebration of well-being, taste, and sustainability

Nov 12, 2023 910

There are over 40 events scheduled from November 13th to 19th in the United States for the eighth edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, an integrated promotion initiative by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs entitled in 2023 “At the table with Italian cuisine: well-being with taste.” In the background, there is the candidacy of Italian cuisine for UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.

“The week of Italian cuisine is central to our strategy of growth and cultural diplomacy in the United States,” highlighted Italian Ambassador Mariangela Zappia. “It serves as an engine for our agri-food exports, which are worth over 7 billion dollars annually in the USA, and a formidable lever for attracting the 6 million Americans who visit Italy every year. Italian cuisine boasts much broader potential,” she added. 

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